((Bloods Online is a Free-Form Role-Playing Group, and is not associated with any real groups or gangs.  This is NOT REAL! But merely a tool to enhance the story of the Rhy’Din Bloods.

Looking for the stories?  Go to Dragon’s Mark and check out Blood House Onyx in the WestEnd.  If the WestEnd looks kind of familiar, it should!  It was created by one of our players, the lovely Sid!  She has a talent for magic, mayhem and urban fantasy!

Why the parenthesis?  (( )) <– means this is OOC, or out-of-character conversation.  We in our FFRP community use this to denote talking to the players, and not to the characters.  This part of our front page is to clue in all readers that what we are discussing here is based on imagination and role-play.  Again, this isn’t real, and we aren’t trying to sell it as such.  This is all part of a role-playing game.

We invite the players to sit back and peruse at your pleasure, all things dealing with Blood House Onyx.

And as always, Merry Gaming to All!  Now we will drop the (()) and offer up the IC, or In-Character Info.))


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