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Lady Belial

Belial_noir3Full Name:

If you need to know this information you will.

Place of Birth:

Formal Titles Held:
Leader of Blood House Onyx
Former GAC Member
Commander in the Shadows unto Nightmares
High Priestess TA

Appears to be in her mid 20’s
Date of Birth:

Marital Status:

Name of Spouse, Significant other:

5 feet zip

115 pounds

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Mother and Fathers Name:
No response

Name and Sex of Living Siblings; if applicable:
Can nay list all me brethren…
Most Significant: Long Lankyn, Lilian Dewil, Obsidian Shade

Name and Sex of Children; if applicable:
Zyrene deVir – female

Deity that homage is paid to; if applicable

Personal Quote:

“Life is chaos, chaos is life, control is an illusion” & “You can only control your intentions.”
Trance Gemini, Andromeda

Favorite Weapon, Spell, or Material Item possessed:
Demon Blade

Brief Description of Character: Slanted green eyes enhance the classic beauty of her features. Long black curly hair compliments pale skin. Her delicate stature of 5′ is deceptive; curvaceous yet well toned, a hold like that of a warrior. Her long pointy tail writhes with a life of it’s own. She moves with a cat-like grace, fluid and agile, yet with a languid, natural sensuality.

Brief History — (OOC Only!  Unless she shares this information with your character…)
The last Angel to Fall, Belial once held the honor of the Keeper of Seraphim History. Once thought to be a Greater Demoness, spawned in Hades. “Daughter” to Satan, but she knows the real story… Presently she resides in the realm of Rhydin where she lives at HadesDawn with her best friend Sun, (aka Crymsun.) Mother to Rae, who was fathered by Welv, another long story… And once wed to Ashram Keep. Aunt to FioDeAustr and Loricane deWil. Sister to Bal, a.k.a. DemonDemon, Lilian, aka Lilian deWil, Corywn of Aldon, as well as a slew of Angelic others…. Adopted aunt to Traeline. She considers many within the Bloods her family.