This site is about a fictional role-playing creation, known as The Bloods. Key words: Role Playing. The site has been built for The Characters, in their point of view, rather than for you, as you would be a player, not a fictional role-play character.
This all began on AOL in 1994, in the Free-Form Role Playing Forum, which is now defunct, thanks to EA, (Yes, that would be the folks who put out “The Sims”, took over management of Games on AOL, in 2000, and then judging our forum as not profitable enough for them as it does not promote using/buying their games, closed it. Please feel free to hold a grudge against them, as we most certainly do. EA loves to make enemies, one day they will have so many that no one will buy their stuff anymore… Heh, I for one will aid them in their goal; who am I to deny them what they want, eh?)

Free-Form Role Play is text-based, played in rooms online. It is more about storytelling, shared interactions and creative writing than on nifty graphics, or fast paced video games. It’s sort of like Table-Top Role Playing Games, i.e. D&D, GURPS, WW, etc. However, there are no Game Masters with control over you. You have to do it all for your self.

For information about Free-Form Role Play, check out our Evilplotters Ink site!

The Bloods originated from Bordertown, created in the Borderland Anthology edited by Terri Windling. However our Bloods are NOT the same as the original Bloods.  We’ve made substantial changes to our Bloods.  Our stories are NOT reflections or extensions of the Borderland Anthology.  Out of respect for the series and due to the many changes forced upon us as a group during our time in FFRP we have taken our Bloods on a unique and original journey all their own.   Never doubt — we still love and cherish the series, we give it the respect due, but we want it clear that our Bloods are no longer the same Bloods from the books.

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This site has been created for our, (the players), amusement as well as to promote potential storylines for The Bloods.