((We began role-playing in BorderTown in table-top gaming.  When our gaming group first came online it was easy to see the vast differences between FFRP and Table-Top.  There were no NPC’s; ie: non-player characters, who were at our disposal to help enhance and build our characters. No GM, (game master/dungeon Master) to help define rules and create bad guys to overcome… None of what table top gaming offered was available online unless we created it ourselves.  So that’s what we did.

In the beginning, the Bloods were our effort to bring a touch of our favorite place, BorderTown, online and offer us a haven to build our stories.  But time and circumstance changed the original inception of our Bloods.

Today our Bloods are as far from the Borderland Anthology as they can get.

Out of respect for the Borderland Anthology we want it clear that our version of the Bloods shares only surface similarities to the originals.  Yes, we still pay homage to the series but the stories, the characters, much of the background and backstories of “the Ancients” are our creations.  We would never want our stories to taint the original series.

We still love and cherish the original series.  We will continue to pay homage to it.  But our Bloods have evolved into our creations today.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May your gaming be filled with fun and enjoyment for all.
Player of Lankyn.))