We play to set by example.  Many within our group have been FFRPing for years.  We feel the best way to promote good FFRP behavior is to enact it ourselves.

RESPECT – verb (used with object) to hold in esteem or honor: I cannot respect a cheat.or to show regard or consideration for: to respect someone’s rights.


Truthfully speaking, there is only one hard rule in Free-Form Role Play: RESPECT. However simple this sounds, we have learned over the years that what we define “respect” to mean, isn’t always the same definition held by others…

Over the years, more and more players like to scream “Elitist!” at us. Perhaps… But I ask you to walk in our shoes before judging. The fact is we enjoy gaming with anyone who plays within the same boundaries of our definition of Respect. Honest!

Respect us, our characters and the environment we are trying to collectively create, and we are more than happy to play with you! Ruin our fun with OOC chat in-room, with nasty god moding/power gaming/meta gaming techniques, or with impolite, unseemly OOC behavior, and you earn an ignore. Don’t like it? Too bad.

We were given the tools to ignore you for a reason; to use them does not make us the bad guys. Being forced to use them because of disruptive and disrespectful behavior makes the one being ignored the bad guy. There are plenty of places to play online, In-Character or Out. You don’t have to ruin the atmosphere we are trying to create unless, of course, you want to.

Don’t like how we play? Don’t like the content? Feel free to use the handy-dandy ignore tools, that’s why they are there.

Want to find out more on How to Play with Us, go here!

We’ve taken the time to organize our collective information about Free-Form Role Play, and the worlds in which we play. You can find it here! There is a lot of information on Free-Form Role Play as well as Rhy’Din, the AOL fictional FFRP World.

Respect us, we’ll respect you.

Merry gaming to all,

Player of Belial