WARNING!!!  This is not *REAL*! This is a FREE FORM-ROLE-PLAYING GROUP.  This site’s contents are manufactured by the players of the Bloods, for bettering the communal FFRP experience.



Our Disclaimer:

Hello, this site is NOT REAL, it is not affiliated with any real person living or dead! No humans, animals, insects or any other living or dead creatures were harmed in the making of this site! We are NOT ASSOCIATED with the real Gang known as Bloods. We can’t transport merchandise across dimensions. And, yes, we do know the difference between imagination and real life. THIS SITE? Is part of our imagination, meant only for our amusement and the possibility of opening up new story lines for our gaming group.

These Bloods are a Free-Form Role Playing Group. This site is merely another tool for our fun and amusement.